Reserve a Space

A reservation for a space is not required but some vendors find it very convenient. Spaces are reserved on a first come, first served basis. Vendors like them for a number of reasons. Your returning customers will know where to find you. You can arrive at the market anytime you like and avoid any risk of not getting your favorite spot. Your pre-registration will speed your check-in on market day and you can be assured of getting the spaces with the best visibility and highest traffic.

A vendor can reserve space(s) at Shady Hollow for any upcoming event for 2013 for a nominal fee of $5/space. An event can be a single Saturday, Sunday, a 2-day weekend or a 3-day weekend. Spaces are measured in 25 linear feet increments for the flea market and 10 foot increments for artisans. The spaces are approximately 20 feet deep.

The flea market has 10′ x 20′ canopies for rent that will be set up in your rental space for a charge of $25/day. Inform us when you make the reservation to allow for set up time. Be advised that there is a limited number of canopies available. Canopy sides are available and can be installed by the renter.

Below is an example of the Registration Form for a 40′ reserved space for the 3-day Memorial weekend:

$90    Base Fee (3 days x $30)

$45    Plus additional feet (3 days x $15)

$5       Plus Reservation Fee for 1 space

$140  Total due for the event

Reservations can be made  in person at the Shady Hollow office when the grounds are open, by telephone, or online via email. Click on contacts or send email to 

The Market Schematic shows each space by number and they are reserved as such. Vendors must contact Shady Hollow Management to check for availability. If a desired space is available, it will be held until 9:00 am on the first day of the event.

Reservations must be cancelled by contacting Shady Hollow either by telephone or by email before the day of the event. A reserved space will be held until 9am the morning of the event at which time it can be sold. As a vendor, notify Shady Hollow Management if you intend to be a late arrival and we’ll hold your reserved space for you.