Flea Market Registration

Registering At Shady Hollow Flea Market

Vendors may check-in to Minnesota’s Shady Hollow Flea Market and receive your space assignment the day before the event from 12 noon-6pm. That allows you to set up your merchandise displays and overnight on the market grounds. Merchandise displays may remain set up the entire weekend for multiple day events as well. Be advised: Shady Hollow is not responsible for damage or loss of merchandise or other vendor belongings. Gates open at 6am on market day. You must register at the gate to receive your space assignment.

Space Rental Rates

Vendors may view, print and fill out our registration form prior to or upon arrival. We can accommodate nearly any size set up. Flea market vendor’s spaces are a minimum of 25 frontal feet by 20 feet deep (500 sq ft).  Anything over the minimums will be charged at the rate of $1 per foot. All vehicles, merchandise and displays must fit within the allotted space.

The fee for a single non-reserved space is $30 per day on long holiday weekends and $25 per day on all other Sundays. The 2016 calendar shows the dates of the long weekends. The fee for a Saturday is $20.  But if you choose to stay over for Sunday, the rate for the 2 days is only $30 per space. A reserved space is an additional $5 flat fee and will be collected upon check-in.  Payment can be made in cash or check.

Reserving Space

A reservation allows you to select and hold your space for any upcoming market day.  Vendors with reservations can avoid that first come, first served risk and will be pre-registered to speed your check-in process on market day. The market schematic shows the grounds and each numbered space. Reservations can be made by calling 602-809-6661, in person at the Shady Hollow office, via snail mail, or contact us.  Space can be reserved for any period for the upcoming summer season.