Rules & Tips


        • Each vendor is responsible for policing their area for litter
        • Measure your space requirements to the nearest foot, you’ll be charged that way
        • Cancel any un-needed reservations at least 24 hours in advance
        • All vendors must register and sign in at the gate before proceeding to rental space
        • Vendors must prominently display the registration carbon copy at their rental space
        • Space rental charges will be collected upon entry into the market
        • Only cash and checks are accepted
        • All vendors must leave by dusk on the final day of the weekend
        • Shady Hollow is not responsible for goods left on the property

Tips for success:

      • Offer paper or reusable bags for your customers to use.
      • Bring plenty of smaller bills for making change with your customers.
      • Be willing to negotiate, you will sell more.
      • You may leave your space set up overnight on multiple day events
      • Protect your merchandise from weather and reasonably secured.
      • Reserve any space for any day(s) for the summer

Flea market Labor Day 2012 049
Flea market Labor Day 2012 035